Why do kids make cards and drawings for teachers when they know it's gonna be trashed at the end of the year

Who is absent? Raise your hands

No name on your paper? No grade! Mwahaha!

Being bullied: No problem. Chewing gum: Detention.

Kids when they tilt their chair back. Teachers: snapped neck

Student: Asks question. Teacher: Search online.

Classwork: 2+2=4 Tests: Tom had 3 apples and lost 1 calculate the mass of the sun.

Your answers were right, but you didn't show your work so you've failed the exam

One of you got a 99% instead of 100% so I'm cancelling the trip to disneyland

My teacher congratulating me on getting a good score on the test. Me, who played video games all night and just winged the test.