One of you got a 99% instead of 100% so I'm cancelling the trip to disneyland

My teacher congratulating me on getting a good score on the test. Me, who played video games all night and just winged the test.

Back in the 80's my math teacher used to say "you're not always gonna have a calculator with you"

Maths teacher: There are numbers less than zero. Kids who learned all their Maths from toys.

If you could raise my math grade from 6 to 9, that would be great.

When your teacher is explaining something and you have no clue what they are saying so you just smile and node

Your answer was correct but you didn't use my method so you get zero credit

Principals at the corner window during a random class

When the teacher gets mad at you but says sorry because she was wrong.

Talking in class? Takes away 10 points from everyone, even the kids who are not talking